I hate my boss, I hate my job

I hate my boss, I hate my job

After I graduated from DeVry, a vocational trade school at that time, I lived in Europe for a year before returning to the states and joining Corporate America.

It took me a total of one year to realize, I would die early if I didn’t take control of my own energy and future.  Corporate America was slightly more brutal than it is now.  Having the right job and the right boss was crucial to living a long healthy life.

My personality didn’t handle the politics of corporate life very well.  My bosses were okay it was the coworkers which made me realize I needed to work for myself.

I was teaching junior college, Communications, and decided to go into education.  I opened a small preschool which grew and turned into three preschools with over 160 students.

Hopefully, the younger generationI will understand the importance of not only living well during your career but having a happy career is also important.

This book recommendation page is dedicated to I hate my boss, I hate my job.  The first thing you must do to break this vicious cycle of unhappiness is to meditate for two to three months on how to change jobs, transfer to another part of the company or go into business for yourself. Maybe all you need is a hobby that pays well and provides you with possible options in the future.

If you make rash, hurried decisions, you more than likely will think wrong.  Connect to the universe (powers that are greater than yourself) and make a decision from a position of strength.

Book Recommendations – I hate my job, I hate my boss – Just for fun, yet it works.


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