He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, How to Know for Sure, Two Opinions

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, How to Know for Sure, Two Opinions

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    He loves me, he loves me not

    Perhaps he loves you, but he is not in love with you, yes there is a huge difference. Some of the easiest signs to determine if he loves you or not are.* When a man loves a woman he treats her equally. * He treats her like his queen and is always there for her. * When she needs someone by her side, he is standing there. * He never hits or belittles her. * He is supportive and understanding. * He shows her with his actions. * He is loving and affectionate. * He makes you feel special. Continue below

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    * He listens to what you have to say. * He showers you with compliments. * He thinks about your feelings. * His friends and family all respect you. * He sticks up for you at all times. * He is interested in your wants and needs. * He asks for your opinions. * He takes good care of you. * How he looks at you. * He tries to impress you. * He calls you frequently. * He spends more time with you than anyone else.


  • A man that loves a woman is more likely to show you with his actions rather then his words. Since most men are not good at talking about their feelings it is better to watch how he treats you. He will be eager to  introduce his friends and family to you and to meet your friends and family as  well.

    He looks at you and you just melt. You can see it in their eyes that they are  in love with you. They way a man looks at a woman that he loves is a special and  meaningful experience and most woman just know.

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    If he remembers the date that you meet and your anniversary and birthday, it’s a sign that he loves you as well. However, if he does not remember, don’t  take it to personal. Many men are bad with dates and simply don’t remember dates like woman do. Don’t play games and “test him” on dates. It will only make you upset and make him feel bad. Remind him a week in advance that your big day is coming and then he is sure to remember.

    If he does simple things like opening doors for you and pulling out your chair it is a sign that he is a gentleman and perhaps he is in love with you.  When a man is in love he wants to cater to his woman and treat her like a queen.  Doing little things like this is his way of showing you he cares about you, so don’t let them go unnoticed.

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    If he always shows up on time for your dates it is also a sign that he is eager to be with you. He is watching the clock and counting down the time until your date. So when he is on time make sure you notice it, after all you don’t  want to be sitting around waiting for him.

    If you are out and his eyes are only on you, it is a great sign. If there are plenty of beautiful women around and his eyes never wonder, then you are the only one for him.

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    Another simple thing that a man in love may do is turning off his cell phone  while out with you. He does not want any distractions while out with you. Simply look at the way he treats you. If he tells you many private things then it is a  sign that he trusts you.

    A man might not be so great at telling you his feelings, so make sure you watch his actions. We all know the saying “actions speak louder than words” and in a man’s world, it is true. The way he talks about you and treats you is the best way to determine if he truly loves you or not.

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Another Point of View:

Listen to how he talks about the future. His future once meant he had a date on Saturday night, but with you, he’s seeing long-term. When he plans his next vacation, he finds himself making plans with you in them, and when his best friend gets married in six months, you’re his date.

Note whether he’s making room for you in his life. Other priorities take a back seat to you, well, because you’re more important than them. If he enjoys fitting you into his busy (or not-so-busy) life, that means he values your companionship.

See if he is softening up when it comes to you. Instead of insisting on getting his way, he doesn’t mind compromising today. This means he understands the give-and-take of relationships and feels good about giving a little if it means you’re happy or listened to.

Note if his spare time is mostly time spent with you. He looks forward to seeing you, and it doesn’t matter what the two of you do as long as he gets to spend time with you. When he’s with you, he doesn’t need distractions because you’re more than distracting just the way you are.

Observe what gets his attention. You’re not asking to be the center of his universe — at least not yet! — but you do want to make sure that his priorities have shifted, and that those priorities take you into consideration.

Note the sparks. You have great chemistry—you can’t be in love with someone without chemistry. Chemistry can be as little as the same tendencies or as big as the same frame of mind. Without planning it, you two tend to mesh.

See yourself through his eyes. He’s finding out more and more that he likes you just the way you are, and he doesn’t stay mad long when you have a disagreement.

Watch to see if he asks questions about you. You can tell that he’s falling in love with you because he wants to find out everything about you.

Notice whether his thoughts keep coming back to you. He can’t stop thinking about you—he is consumed by thoughts of you. You pop in his head for no reason, and he even wonders if you think of him as much as he does of you.


  • If he tells you about his future and you’re in it, then that’s a clue he’s serious.
  • He will keep you by his side while talking to other females.
  • Make sure to look at the body language e.g: sweaty palms.
  • If his eyes meet yours, and he looks away, this might means that he is feeling nervous and isn’t sure if you like him back.
  • While no one wants to be a drag, at some point he needs to tell you whether or not he loves you. If you’ve been waiting for a long time and you’re tired of guessing what he’s thinking, then go ahead and ask him. You may be surprised — in a good way — by his answer.
  • If he introduces you to his friends as one of his friend and not his girl, that means he’s not looking for anything serious.
  • He may recognize the little things about you.
  • He treats you in a way that you think would make your parents proud and friends happy for you.
  • If he pays attention to you a lot, there is a good chance that he loves you.
  • When he stares at you when you are standing alone or around friends talking and laughing with a smile on his face and a sparkle in his eyes there is a good chance that he really cares about you.
  • He is always taking care of you, telling you to be careful and always protects you from anything, even if it’s only a bug.

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