High-Tech Geek Romantic Suspense For Mature Grownups

High-Tech Geek Romantic Suspense For Mature Grownups

Download Free This Week Until 4/28 Twelve coders, (computer-programmers) six men and six women make a commitment to creating the most successful computer security programming company utilizing U.S. government contracts.

company of twelve romantic fiction
Tranta position

Nothing strange about this commitment, except the Friday night staff meetings.

An exciting group office affair develops for the purpose of boosting energy and keeping moral high.  A commitment that transcends almost all commitments in the corporate world.
A read you don’t want to miss.  For mature audiences only. A high-tech startup fiction like you’ve never heard before.
We all know there is more to mega success than setting goals and working smart.  It’s the details behind the closed door that we want to know about.  We hear rumors, but the rumors are never substantiated.
What propels a product or service to abnormal heights of success?
The author introduces a scenario that not only works but fits. Company of Twelve, aka COT Download your copy now, definitely a bedtime story for grownups By Sandy Ingram the author of the Osei International Book Series

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