HiTech Revolution

HiTech Revolution

Okay guys, the overall picture for the last 10 years is simple. There has been an official disconnect between coders and non-coders.

Why did this happen and how did this happen?

Well, that’s easy if you understand coding. When coding is incorrect sometimes even by a space, a dot or a number, it WON’T WORK.

What this means is coders must be true unto themselves or the Internet won’t function. Yes, you can change the coding program, however, the worldwide Internet standards remain the same. W3C

It was inevitable this very hi-tech war would occur. The politicians and people of un-truth couldn’t have it both ways. The Internet pages won’t load if the code is incorrect.

Everybody’s seeing everyone else’s dirty laundry. The treasure chest of secrets between the haves and the have-nots, the gay and the straight, the sane and the insane are becoming blurred. In other words with over 2.1 billion people online, mostly with their smartphones, information is leaking faster than we can say “yesterday.”

Ted warned us about these times. We didn’t understand what he was trying to say, plus his communications skills sucked. You don’t kill someone just because they don’t or won’t understand your point of view. You show them the other side of the coin.

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