How to Make the Best Decisions 99 Percent of the Time in Your Life

How to Make the Best Decisions 99 Percent of the Time in Your Life

How to Make the Best Decisions 99% of the Time

How to Pray prayter 2.0

There has always been a lot of questions on how to make the best business and personal decisions in life, and there’s always been a lot of mistakes, as well as good decisions.  We must ask ourselves, how can we consistently make wise and good decisions in our personal lives and business life?

Many would say there is no way to ensure that you’ll always make the best decision.

This is simply not true, there is one way to always make the best and most profitable decisions, every time.  People who meditate are usually people who want to understand each component of involved in the decision making process, yet they are keenly attuned to the highest thoughts, which takes others into consideration.

The single biggest mistake people make when making  decisions is because they base the decision on “their” personal factors.  While this may seem like the logical thing to do, you often times leave yourself open for the realities of others to created massive road blocks in your path to success.

You might ask yourself, “How could I have known?”

Good question.  The answer is, under normal circumstances you couldn’t have known.  However, if you had taken the time to develop a strong bond with the universe using meditation and or prayer, the universe would have alerted you to a possible problems, and the highest thought would not have been the decision you made without consulting the data bank of infinite knowledge.

This brings us to the art of prayer.  People who pray and have no problems with the answers they receive.  They have faith that the best answer will prevail and they are in tune with the  infinite database of knowledge using the gate of faith and alignment.   There are over 5 billion, yes billion, not million, people who practice prayer.  Prayer is the single largest commonality of people on earth other than the need for oxygen, food, shelter and water.  The religion doesn’t matter, the faith, the belief in one’s self and something greater than one’s self is what matters.

It appears that people who seriously meditate and use meditation to enhance decisions in their lives, and people who take prayer seriously, seem to always make the best decisions.

If you want to join this elite group of individuals, you’ll need to learn more about prayer and or meditation.  You will need to make a serious commitment to understanding how the task of meditation and prayer can make a huge difference in your life and the lives of people in your life.

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