How to Prepare for a Possible Job Layoff

How to Prepare for a Possible Job Layoff

how to prepare for a job layoffPlanning for a possible layoff into self-employment is best done while one is still working.  If you are looking at a possible layoff, like thousands of Microsoft employees, you may want to do a one-person or low-cost start-up while you’re still employed.  It’s much easier to finance a low-budget startup when you’re still employed.

If you have children that can read, write, and use the computer, make it a family project.  You continue to focus on your day job which you may or may not be able to keep.  Thinking positive can help your job situation and your mental stability. Yet, planning for your family finances outside of the job is always a wise decision.  This is why you become the CEO of the family startup and assign important task to each family member.  You’ll be surprised at the financial progress the family business can make.

content marketing startupThere are any number of great online opportunities which you and your tribe (family) can do. One such startup is a Content Marketing service.  This type of service is lucrative and in high demand.  While there are hundreds of other possibilities, I suggest this particular startup because I’ve done the research and placed the information into an entertaining Udemy course.  Content Marketing Automation. $5 OFF Coupon.  The course shares how to find clients, what to do with clients once you find them and how to keep clients and grow your small business to a six figure income within two to three years.

This course is for beginners and even your young teen can understand and learn the basics of the business. Content Marketing Automation

Additional Tips to Prepare for a Possible Layoff

  1.  Have a rainy day fun and plenish it.
  2.  Look into insurance to help pay your mortgage in case of unemployment.
  3.  Opt for insurance on other high monthly transactions in case of loss of employment
  4.  Always keep an eye and hear open for investment opportunities to grow your income.
  5. Keep your resume updated and know exactly which head hunter you’ll use in case of a sudden layoff.

Book Recommendations for Job Layoffs 


Startup Options for Home Based Business


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