How to Request FOIA from the CIA

How to Request FOIA from the CIA

From UFOs to Bay of Pigs, Vietnam, Spy stories are available in the CIA Reading Room.  It’s called the Freedom of Information Act, FOIA, Electronic Reading Room.

The information is available in PDF format and machine-readable XML.

Even the President’s Daily Briefings between 1969 and 1977 are available to the public.

These documents were the primary vehicle for summarizing the day-to-day sensitive intelligence and analysis, as well as late-breaking reports, for the White House.

Don’t get too excited, as long as the CIA has a “blackout pen” we may never know all the details.

But what we do know is, the IRS and the CIA are both making an effort to play nice with the American public.  The release of documents is just one more step in the process of becoming public-friendly.

Don’t get to invested in this so-called friendship with the public.  There are secrets the IRS and the CIA know that we will never know.

Your tax return, even if it’s a lie tells a story.  A trained profiler can review your tax return and know more about you then you know about yourself.

Back on the subject of the CIA Reading Room.  You must file an official FOIA Request for information to receive certain documents.

The FOIA Request requires you to write to the Information and Privacy Coordinator, Central Intelligence Agency, Washington, D.C. 20505

1. Provide a reasonable description of the record(s) requested.
2. Provide your full name and address.
3. Provide a statement of your fee category and your willingness to pay applicable fees.
4. Requests must be submitted in English

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