How to Schedule Success Part 2 Video

How to Schedule Success Part 2 Video

The secret behind dedicating 21 days straight to a particular task to jumpstart your path to success is:

During that 21 days, EVERYTHING and EVERYONE who are a hindrance to your success will be revealed to you during this time.

It’s almost like when “love” is in the picture, everything, unlike love, will be revealed, the same concept.

It helps if you love what you’re doing.

Passion is one of the key components to success. Another key component is commitment.

Making Informed choices is the 3rd component in success. When you really don’t know what to do next, read what others before you have done.

Sure, you can invest and buy a successful business, but it will always be a pain in your side if you don’t have a certain amount of love for the business and the process of earning money from the business.

Passion will carry you through dark nights, long days, ups and downs.

With passion, your work will always feel like a joy, not a job or hard work.

If you haven’t already seen it, search for Scheduling for Success I video and get your success on.

Learn why and how the 21-day challenge will change your life. If you mess up and miss a day, no problem, keep going until you reach 21 days straight.

This self-help video article produced by Sandy Ingram

The author of the popular CIA mystery thriller cyber hacking fictional book series.

Book I is free – Download now in the Kindle Store. Read on any mobile device.

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