How to Schedule Success, Video

How to Schedule Success, Video


Most people think about, want and desire success, yet for some reason, they DON’T schedule time for success.

What do I mean when I say “scheduling time for success?”

EXAMPLE;  Any time you complete the same task for 21 days straight, you do what is called, “breaking into your subconscious mind.”

Your subconscious mind responds to repetition.

Repetition creates a pattern, which can become a part of your life.

You can create bad habits as well as good habits with this technique, so be careful.

The mistake most people make is  . . . . .

. . . .  scheduling too much or too many task in the beginning.

What’s even worse is scheduling the WRONG tasks for the desired results

You must sit down and think about which task will bring you closer to your goals  . . .

then you commit to the small task each and EVERY day for 21 days.

In the beginning, take baby steps, regardless if you’re learning to meditate or  . . . .

learning how to grow your business, stop a bad habit or build your confidence.

REMEMBER, 21 Days, No. Excuses.

Of course you already know this information, I’m just here to remind you and myself.

This video article was produced by Sandy Ingram, the author of the Osei International Book Series. The CIA’s Cyber-Terrorism Unit

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 Video Part 2 of How to Schedule Success


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