International Mystery and Crime Fiction, Terrorist Thriller

International Mystery and Crime Fiction, Terrorist Thriller

Assimilation into the American way of life isn’t always easy.  This is a story about a family who is torn apart, when their love for America, family and beliefs are tested. This international crime mystery places the reader in the footsteps of a young man who loves his family, himself and America, but when these three components clash, there is a real problem.  A secret organization created to bring peace to the Middle East, saves the Third Child, but not before the CIA sends a direct and targeted message.

Free in the Kindle Store, February 5th through February 9th, 2014.  You can read on your desktop or laptop by downloading the Amazon App which is found on the right-side of the Amazon book page.

Aadheen, the third child born into a Muslim family, is conceived and born to help bring peace to the Middle East. His father instead, dedicates his life to the Jihad which causes major conflict within the family. With continued thoughts of self-destruction, the young college student, born in America, is summoned by his religion to a training seminar to be held in or near Cairo, Egypt.

When his mother, who is a professor at the local university, grows concern over her son’s safety, she contacts the Agency to tell of his impending training. Unknowing of what his mother has done, Aadheen also contacts the Agency.

Aadheen starts his journey to attend the Jihad training seminar, when his travels are interrupted by an agency operative, and later by a family member who is a high level official in a secret organization, not yet known to many………

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