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Internet Marketing Automation for One Person Start Ups

For one-person bloggers, website owners, e-commerce, services, information websites including niche news channels, the  only way to keep up with Internet Marketing task is to automate.

Automation is easy when you know which platforms to use, and how to join the platforms together to generate more exposure online.  There is more then enough information, online, on how to accomplish the task of automation, some of it good, most not.  The book Internet Marketing Automation takes matters one step further.  The book describes ways for a one person start up to enhance their efforts times ten, with very little to no monthly investment.

The basic Internet Marketing task are included, plus the ones you don’t hear much about like ‘pinging” RSS Feeds and banner advertising on a budget, an affordable alternative to AdWords..  The entire book is dedicated to automaton for one person projects, which includes SEO automated content, Social Media account automation, RSS Feed automation and much more.

The author, C. Ingram, a retired Registered Tax Return Preparer got started in Internet Marketing in 2005, explains the basics which are crucial for online growth.  She doesn’t promise millions of visitors.  What is promised is a constant stream of targeted and reliable visitors which can and will grow over time.  Internet Marketing changes rapidly and often, thus the book was updated twice during the year of 2016.  Grab your copy now.  Grow your online web business.



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