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Iraq Splitting Into Two or Even Three Countries Doesn’t Change Their International Debt

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There was a master-plan put into place by Bush, Senior.  This plan when completed would go a long way in lowering the national debt.  The plan included putting billions of dollars into an oil-rich country, in exchange for a seat at the table at one of the wealthiest oil-rich countries in the world.  It would stand to reason that Bush, Senior would invest the U.S. in oil, after all, oil investments is what he’s best in.

Problem:  The Iraq revalue of money has not worked to plan.  The country is torn between two major groups fighting over religious rights.  That’s not a serious problem for the master-plan.  If the country splits into two or even three countries, each country will inherit it’s international debt to the United States and over 100 other countries who have invested in the troubled country.

The country has the second or third largest oil reserve in the world.  No matter if they split into two countries or ten countries, they still have an enormous debt to the world.  The world has invested in the rebuilding of Iraq.


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