Is the Dinar Investment a Scam? Book Promotion

Is the Dinar Investment a Scam? Book Promotion

An even better question is will the world ever allow Iraq to rejoin the global table and participate at the level once attained?

There are millions of people betting that there will.  Yet, there are more adverse comments and negativity surrounding the issue than ever.   There are those in high places who say the new Iraq money will NEVER succeed.

The author of the book Dinar Investment a Scam or Real? explains what has happened in the past with currency reevaluation.  She goes into detail to help improve our understanding of such matters, including how the IRS may tax the investment.

This book is on book promotion this week and can be purchased on Amazon at all other times.  It provides legal insight into why a few people believe it will one day be a viable currency again.

Download until September 1tth 12 midnight – After that time purchase using the same link.

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