Let’s Take a Chance, Free Short Read, The Sicilian Connection

Let’s Take a Chance, Free Short Read, The Sicilian Connection

cover The sicilian Connection
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 The Sicilian Connection by Rod Moore

New Book; Mystery; Suspense; 102 pages

When notorious Mafia boss Uncle Vic is released from Catania Prison and re-unites with his long lost nephew Fat Tony, it sets of a chain re-action of events in Strong Arm Creek that lead to murders, double crossing, cheating wives, viscous assaults and more.

Bob Johnstone, respected local business man stands to lose everything in a property deal with the mafia, while his cheating wife aims to take him for all he is worth. Caught up in the middle Agent Gallahan is beaten to within an inch of his life.

Detective Raye is left to unravel the mystery of the body in the building site. Who killed her and why? Who attacked the man she loved and nearly killed him and why?

More importantly, who is the dark stranger following Gallahan and Raye and why is he set on killing them?

If you have read Strong Arm Creek then you will love this murder detective thriller.

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