Life Hack Budget Weddings Luxury Romantic Weddings

Life Hack Budget Weddings Luxury Romantic Weddings

Travel specialists have known for years that weddings at sea are one of the best budget plan weddings you can have.  In fact, the cruise industry has promotion plans which entitle many couples to cruise for free, honeymoon included.

budget weddings maybe even free
The budget is in the planning.

The book Budget Wedding, Maybe Even Free explains in detail how brides are securing free honeymoons and almost no cost weddings.  It’s not a trick.  The cruise companies have been providing these promotions for years.

The well-kept secret is, for every so many cruise cabins you book, certain cruise companies “give” you a FREE cabin.  There are details to this wonderful promotion and the eBook explains.

This idea isn’t for everyone, however, if you have a love of the sea, you can pull off a zero=cost wedding.  Your guest will help you pay for your wedding when they book the cruise.   The promotion is already set up, all you have to do is learn more, hire the best wedding cruise travel specialist, or not.  You can do it yourself.  The book provides detailed information.

Sure you’ll have relatives who don’t and won’t cruise with you or anyone.  You can always have a land-based wedding reception when you return home, for people who weren’t able to make the cruise.  Just be sure you invite everyone on the cruise.  Invitations to the land-based wedding without having received an invitation to the cruise may cause bad feelings The book explains how to satisfy almost everyone and still keep the cost down.

Printing wedding invitation is a huge cost.  The eBook will share the high-tech way to get around this cost and still be socially accepted.  There are a few tricks on how to lower the cost of the reception aboard ship and still keep people reasonably happy, including the cruise company.  It’s all about the details.  A budget wedding doesn’t just happen., it takes planning.  The more you know, the better you can plan.

Click on over to Amazon and download the book in the Kindle Store.  You can read on your desktop, laptop or any mobile device using Amazon’s free app.  You might want to shop discounted weddings below.


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