Life Hacks for Losing Weight

Life Hacks for Losing Weight

It’s always interesting to watch people go from diet to diet only to fall off the wagon, get up and retry again, and again.  There is no need for the roller-coaster ride. Weight loss can and will occur naturally if you do the following with conviction, commitment, and a little faith in yourself


  1.  Meditate – If you don’t know how to meditate learn.  Book recommendations bellow.  Meditate on eating better and wait for your subconscious to kicks in and tells your mind and your body what it wants.
  2.  Stop eating red meat for a couple months at least.
  3. Drink plenty of water, clean out your lower and upper intestine with doctor’s approval – Book recommendations below.
  4. Start taking liquid vitamins daily.  Superfoods work too.
  5. Walk every chance you get.

Yes, it’s that simple, you just have to believe.

If you pray now would be a good time.  If not, continue to meditate.  Meditation will reveal many universal questions to you.   Meditation will lead you to your highest thoughts.


Life Hack Product Suggestions and Books


Click on the image or here for more information on organic superfood.  Once your body has the right amount of vitamins, and nitrous foods, losing weight will become easier and faster.

This is the best-kept secret in weight loss.  Why?  Because the weight loss programs can’t make any money when you understand this one little fact.  Feed your body what it needs.  Eat what the body craves,, until it doesn’t. This All in One product has a rating of 4.5 stars.  This particular All in One is for Seniors, there is one for younger individuals.

Removing waste from the body and getting the proper nutrients within the body will eliminate cravings once you clean your colon. Cleaning the color is a dangerous task.  Consult with your physician.  If you were to damage the lining of your colon, this could be serious.  Check with your doctor before making any major decisions.




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