Living Well Without a College Degree, Ten Weird Jobs That Pay Well,

Living Well Without a College Degree, Ten Weird Jobs That Pay Well,

No money for college, career progression to self employment
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Going to college may be a dead-end goal for many who can’t afford it.  Yes, there are student loans, yet not everyone agrees with going into debt to further their education or their career.Owing thousands of dollars once you graduate from college isn’t a bright future, but a future with a ball and chain for many.  For others, it’s the American way.

If you’re a parent or a potential student who doesn’t like the idea of student loans, then this book page is for you.

The book No Money for College?  Try Career Progression to Self-Employment explains how a high school student can use progression to earn more than their peers who attend college.  It explains the pitfalls, the benefits and the path which one can take to reach a six figure income within six to eight years, without a college degree.

Below is a list of ten jobs which pay surprisingly well, seven of which easily fit into the progression to self-employment path.

Horseback Rider
Average Annual Salary:

Childbirth Educator
Average Annual Salary: $61,746

Elevator Inspector
Average Annual Salary: $62,810

Elevator Inspector
Average Annual Salary: $62,810

Soil Conservationist
Average Annual Salary: $65,03

Train Conductor
Average Annual Salary: $66,492

Golf Ball Diver
Average Annual Salary: $50,000

Average Annual Salary: $53,22

Exploration Manager (Oil Diver)
Average Annual Salary: $259,601 



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