Lump Sum Retirement Options, Retired Tax Accountant Spills the Beans

Lump Sum Retirement Options, Retired Tax Accountant Spills the Beans

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C. Ingram,RTRP retired to Mexico. She writes eBooks on tax loopholes, tax savings, and tax benefits.  One of her most recent book shares insider secrets on how a couple of her tax clients generated six-figure lump-sum retirement options just before retiring and shortly after retiring.


Ingram, shares this information, with her client’s permission, A financially healthy way to generate lump sum retirement checks.  “Nothing magical,” says Ingram, just simply supply and demand with a touch of creative financial planning.  “Not for everyone, but a definite winner for individuals who see the need to offer financing, to young couples or investors,” says Ingram.


“Many tax clients depended on their 401K plan and got burned, Other clients invested in stocks and experienced a serious dip during the economy downturn.  However, a couple clients did better than most when they got the idea “to become the bank.” Ingram says. This particular read is suitable for middle-income taxpayers and includes some real tax write-offs benefits and loopholes.


You can download Creating a Lump-Sum Retirement from Amazon and read on any mobile device and/or your desktop using Amazon’s free App.  If you have Kindle Unlimited the book is free.  (Try out KU for free)  Below you will find additional recommendations for creating lump-sum retirement checks.

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