Marketing for Authors, Easy and Affordable

Marketing for Authors, Easy and Affordable

There are three major phases of internet marketing for Amazon authors.  Amazon does an excellent job of promoting our books, but there still are a few things we can do to help make Amazon’s job much easier.  After all, the millions of buyers are all on Amazon’s site, not our personal and individual blogs and websites.

Categories and Keywords

The first phase has to do with increasing your books ranking in the Amazon algorithm.  Amazon’s algorithm is a formula used to determine which books are presented to which readers, and how often these books show up in searches for particular keywords and categories.

Don’t fool yourself, Amazon has a lot of control over how often your book is shown to visitors.  And this is where your internet marketing comes ibnto play.  First of all you want to learn which keywords your readers are using to find books similar to yours.

You can do this two ways.  You can use Google’s Adwords keyword tool and you can use Amazon’s auto suggestion keyword tool. Google’s keyword tool could be a book within itself.  Follow Google’s directions to learn how to use their keyword tool.

To understand Amazon’s auto keyword tool, go to Amazon’s home page.  In the search box select Books or Kindle.  Then type in the keywords you think your readers would use to find your book.  You will notice that there is a drop down of automatic suggestions that Amazon presents.  It’s safe to say that these may very well be popular keywords used over and over by visitors.  You than want to use other keywords that readers might use to find your book.  Each time you do this you will find more and more suggestions for keywords for your book.

It’s not always important to use the most popular keywords, or category.  You can always target less popular keywords and have less competition from overly popular categories and keywords.

The next most important step is to use several of your keywords in your books description AND as one of your seven keywords for your book.  This, in time, will help you tremendously with search engine optimization in the major search engines.


Second Phase of Internet Book Marketing for Amazon

The second and one of the most important task to accomplish, is to get reviews.  Since I personally haven’t been successful in getting reviews, yet,  I’ll leave this topic to the pros who have. That’s my next project and you can check out our site to learn more about requesting a free review for your book.


Third Phase of Internet Book Marketing for Amazon Authors

Just like with search engine optimization for Google, authors may want to adhere to one of the number one rules in getting to the top in the search engines and in Amazon’s book category.  Implementing lots of back-links to your Amazon book page from relevant web sites is helping your book rank higher on Amazon.  I can’t stress how important this one task is.  Sure you’ll have links going to your blog or website, however, more importantly is how many back links you have going to your Amazon book page.

If you want to know how to increase the back links to your Amazon book page and your blog, you may want to grab a copy of How to Market Your Sales Funnel, (For Authors and Sales Pros)

When your book first goes into the Kindle free days status and sometimes even before, thousands of sites pick up your book’s information.  You can have thousands of back links to your book page within a day after it goes live on Amazon.  However, these web sites, usually aren’t PR-8, or PR-7 social media sites.  Getting direct links back to your Amazon book page from the highest ranking social media sites on the web usually will have to be done by you, the author..  How to Market Your Sales Funnel ($2.99) shows you how to do this with little effort.  Just remember to link directly to Amazon twice as much as you link to your blog.  .

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