I married the wrong person, help

I married the wrong person, help

I married the wrong person.  I was so sure my spouse was the right one before the wedding, but now each day I feel more and more unsure.

My work, my sleep, and even my eating habits are affected by this possible revelation.  I try to think positive, yet positive thoughts won’t stay with me. It’s not that my spouse did any one particular action which made me feel this way, it’s my gut feeling.  It’s my subconscious speaking to my conscious mind in total silence.

I’ve never been an unstable person, I always think things through, yet I feel as if I’ve made a serious mistake. Help.

Here are some books and a video to help you along the path.  Stay strong and trust yourself.  Your body will never lie to you.  Meditate each day.  Solutions will make themselves known.  Be slow to take action.

Video Comedy, Yet Effective

On the Serious Side – I Married the Wrong Person Book Recommendations


Additional Video

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