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Motumbo Series II, A Slave Named Abdu, Fiction Based on True Events

Slavery is never something we want to remember or forget.  It’s one of those subjects that you’d rather not talk about, yet you want your children to know slavery is a part of American history, regardless of how distasteful the subject is.

The Motubmo Slave Book Series provides an enlighting and positive outlook on dark times.  Not all slave owners were angry or cruel and not all slaves were without direction or purpose.

This week, June 12th Book II of the Motumbo Book Series is on free book promotion.  Abdu is the first cousin of Motumbo, The Slave That Never Was.  Book III, From Slavery to Freedom, surrounds Motumbo’s younger sister who also comes across the pond during slavery which is abolished upon her arrival.

Each book in the series is suitable for young adults as well as inquiring adults and is inclusive of fictional excitement based on true events in American history  Download A Slave Named Abdu today.



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