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Book Review Blog; New Book Helps Teens to Understand the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


This Book is NOT Available at this time.


A history lesson wrapped around a fictional-love story for teens and inquiring adults.  The author places a hold on the amount of violence, yet she is honest with teens about the everyday life of the Palestinian and Israeli people.

After a young Palestinian girl saves an Israeli soldier’s life, the Unspoken Affection increases between the young couple who aren’t able to share their feelings publicly due to the international-conflict between their families and their country.

The author makes a great effort to put the reader, no matter how old, into the shoes of the Palestinian girl and her suitor without showing bias to either side.  Basically, there are emotional feelings between the young couple and historical facts about the ongoing conflict in Israel, which keeps the couple apart.

The author has done a wonderful job of combining history with fiction, which makes for an interesting read.

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