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Fiverr Mobile Ready 550x370Here at Xica’s Blog  (A site name using the initials of the publisher) we provide free books which you can download, for free, onto your cell phone.  Read Books on Your Smartphone  This is called reading on the go.  You can increase your vocabulary, reduce your stress, enter a whole different world just by turning the pages on your cell phone.  On the bus for 20 minutes, no problem, read.  In the doctor’s office for an hour, no problem, read a short story.  Waiting in line?  Read a short mystery.  Resolve the mystery before you reach the front of the line.    An entertaining library and diversion right in your pocket or purse.   Each weekday mid-morning Central Standard Time, we “Tweet”  a “free” mystery suspense or romance book of the day.  If we don’t tweet, search the “Short ReadeBook Store for free and high rating books.  Download the free smartphone App on Amazon.  Click here: Read Books on Your Smartphone

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