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No Money for College?

Book Recommendations for No Money for College Options


Your kid doesn’t want to go to college, and you’re okay with that because you don’t have the money, BUT . . . . . . 

But how will he or she earn a living?
Will he be living in the basement until they’re 30?
Will your daughter yield to accepting a marriage proposal for the sake of moving forward?
Yes, the student loan can pay most of the cost for college, but there are additional expenses.  You can bearly make ends meet now, how will you support a child in college? You’re in conflict.  Learn about the options, not only for your child but for yourself as well.


There are options.  In fact, there are some really good options.  Options that even you yourself might look into to provide a better lifestyle for yourself and your children.

From hacking financial aid ideas to avoiding student loan debt and a guide to financing college whey you’ve saved nothing there are options.



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