Online Book Cyber Crime Spy Fiction Reasonable Safe for Young Adults

Online Book Cyber Crime Spy Fiction Reasonable Safe for Young Adults

It’s no secret to those who keep up with National Security issues the U.S. has experienced Middle East terrorist backdooring America via the Mexican border.  The Ose International Book Series, Book IV in particular deals with this crises in dept. The eBook presents a roller coaster ride which places the book in “thriller status.”   The author, Sandy Ingram, increases the intensity when the CIA can’t figure out if the bad guy’s headquarters is in Mexico, Syria or Central America.

One thing about the method of entry, in this fictional thriller is, it appears legal, so legal the CIA cyber-crime team has to lay low for a couple weeks until Shelly, the sexy Case Manager, determines if the operation is CIA sanctioned for the purpose of infiltrating terrorist groups.

Of course the Mexican government helps in the investigation and readers are introduced to Navarro, the handsome Mexican-American CIA spy who is a liaison for American and Mexico’s National Security.  James Bond has nothing on Navarro whose rugged good looks cannot be denied.  Navarro is known in certain circles at Langley as the “bad boy.” Ingram says she wanted to further develop Navarro’s character but needed to continue with the CIA’s war on cyber-terrorism surrounding past and current events.

The connections in the books, some based on current events, others based on known facts and still other connections are pure fictional.  What’s interesting says Ingram is the fictional connections are linked “by” known facts.

Example in Book V, which is not published yet, deals with Operation Paperclip and NASA,  The fictional connection involves Operation Paperclip participants making contact with known enemies of the United States.  The link between the German scientists from WWII and previous connections are fictional, or not yet proven.


The book series is interesting and frightening at the same time, says Ingram.  Book I which is free in the Kindle Store on Amazon has been on the Bestseller list several times and Ingram has hope readers will enjoy the other books in the series.

Thus far the fictional book series is suitable for mature young adults, Christians and inquiring adults.  The excitement is high, the morality codes are respected, yet, there are noticeable undercurrents.  The International criminal element is included and is the baes for each book. Easy to read, technical enough to create the cyber-criminal plots, yet easy enough to follow says Ingram  Download the entire series here.

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