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Research surrounding the OSS, Nazi Germany, the NASA and the CIA revealed interesting facts for one fictional author.  If you’re new to America or just entering a grade level where learning the abbreviations and acronyms is required, it can be a daunting task.  In fact, if you an adult born in America the chances of you knowing the abbreviations for over 8,600 acronyms and abbreviations related to US government terminology is slim to none.


This was the partial task for an author writing on the subject of government agencies which have been dissolved.


While doing research for a cyber-terrorist book series, I found myself overwhelmed with the massive number of abbreviations and acronyms used by the US Government .  The research need to support the news that after World War II, rocket scientist from Nazi-Germany were not only brought to the United States, but were given employment in a government agency which would later become the NASA, which stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration.


No real problem understanding this fact.  Then the question became, who was responsible for this decision and why?  (The U.S. Army Intelligence didn’t want England or Russia to have the knowledgeable scientist) Again research delivers you to the front door of US acronyms, the OSS which was under the direction of the JIOA which was disband in 1962.  Continue below

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It seems (in real life) the OSS actually destroyed the records of leading Nazi scientist who were previously classified as a danger to society.


Who the hell was the OSS?  They weren’t listed as a current US agency.


The JIOA was responsible for the Operation Paperclip and was created under the direction of the OSS in 1945.  The JIOA which stands for “Joints Intelligence Objectives Agency” purposely worked under the radar to keep the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom from gaining the knowledge which Hitler’s rocket scientist developed.


The JIOA and the OSS were preludes to the CIA which was established in 1945.  NASA wasn’t created until 1958.


To make a long story short, Nazi German rocket scientist and engineers made their way onto the payroll of the NASA.  In fact the first director of the Kennedy Space Station was an Operation Paperclip participant.  It’s no secret a dozen or so German rocket scientist help build American’s space program.  (All of these efforts were facilitated by Operation Paperclip, which was U.S. created, U.S. funded and U.S. sanctioned.  

The OSS stood for the office of Strategic Services which was a US wartime intelligence agency during World War II.  The OSS was the predecessor of today’s CIA, .


The author of the Osei International Book Series, Sandy Ingram, involves a security leak from within NASA to individuals outside of the United States.  The CIA gets involved and refuses to drop the ball when the leak leads back to American soil.  Due to strong laws which prevent the CIA from gathering intelligence within the U.S. the CIA terminates one of it’s top cyber-terrorist spies in order to get around the law, but not without reason.   The National Security Association (NSA) gets involved because legally they can’t “look” at your communications without a court order.  However, that doesn’t seem to stop them from gathering the information.


With diligent research and a creative fiction writing, you end up with a high energy thriller which delivers entertainment and information based on facts.  Readers can sign up to learn when this series is actually published on Amazon.  In the mean time readers can download and read, for free, Book One of the Osei International Book Series at  










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