Personal Notes from a New Kindle Author, The Ultimate Disclosure

Personal Notes from a New Kindle Author, The Ultimate Disclosure

I must admit the first time I wrote this story it lacked details and a natural flow which would make it interesting to readers.  After enrolling and attending online writing classes, I rewrote the story under a different title. I had a particular category of information which I wanted to share with readers, but I didn’t have the experience to write the story professionally.  My ability to deliver such an important message was not good, and the reviews on Amazon supported this conclusion. Because the story was important to me, I did what was necessary to deliver a professional and well-written story, one that would flow well and create excitement and an element of surprise.  Telling a few ancient secrets along the way became incidental, and this time, all information is tied to the main character.

I have my online writing instructor(s) to thank, for helping me to understand the role of an author and how to tie everything back to my main character.  (In other words, to make sure the reader can follow all phases of the story.)

To my editor, I say thank you for helping me to understand that all books should be professionally edited. My editor also taught me that if I was planning on being a serious writer that I needed to include her in my monthly retirement budget.

I say thank you to my graphic artist who created an affordable e-cover for this book. Surely the graphic artist understands that the editor took most of my money!

I can’t think of a better retirement project.  Of course, I write some of my fiction stories under a pen-name, while I write nonfiction under my real name. The only regret that I have is that I waited until retirement (living off the shores of Mexico, before starting to write.

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