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Planning a Wedding? Inexpensive to Almost Free Book Review

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It’s no secret in the travel industry the cruise companies give travel agencies a free cruise for every 15 or so booked guest. The right travel agency can help finance your wedding with a price tag of $1000 or less. Honeymoon included.

This is real information for brides who want to keep a lid on the cost of the wedding. Guest who attend the wedding actually pay for the wedding and they get to cruise with you during the honeymoon. (Tip: Don’t tell family members where the honeymoon cabin is or they’ll find reasons to knock on your door)

The book “Budget Weddings, Maybe Even Free” explains in detail how to take advantage of this well kept secret.  Brides can have romantic, exotic and affordable weddings at sea for much less then you would ever expect.   The same polices hold true for wedding anniversaries, family reunions and even corporate cruise meetings. Download today for wedding planning on a budget. You’ll be glad you did.

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