Positive Warning for Parents of Preschoolers, e Learning

Positive Warning for Parents of Preschoolers, e Learning

Stop the Video to Read Each Page if Necessary-Message is Vital

For Parents:

There is a reason why educational books for young children are short. If two, three and even four year old children decide eBook learning is no longer fun, you’ve got a problem. A problem which could diminish the child’s desire toSubscribe Free Childrens Book learn.

If the child enjoys the eBook, you leave them wanting more.

If the child hates the eBook, but is strongly encouraged to participate by the parent, you never want the experience to be dreadful. Preschoolers minds are rapidly and paying attention for long periods of time is not something children do at this age…

Forcing a child to concentrate longer then their age bracket suggest is not a good thing. True a lot of the books in print are much longer. There are two reasons for this. One, parents don”t like paying for books in print which are only 15 pages long. Two, books in print can be set aside and easily finished at a different time or day.

Ten to 20 educational questions, problems or examples for a three year old is long enough and would only take up to 24 pages. There are qualified educators who would say even this is too long for a preschooler. and we agree depending on the subject.

The bottom line is: If you push a preschooler past their normal abilities, you can do more harm than good. Preschool teachers understand this and thus each component of a preschooler’s day is usually short, except nap time. Early Childhood eBooks which adhere to this same practice are more beneficial for the child.

C. Ingram ECE / After School Edu Project Publishing

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