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Prayer the Common Denominator, Five Billion Strong and Growing

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Over 5 billion people are associated with prayer in the world today.  Except for the need for food, air and water, there are few common denominators in the world which are 5 billion people strong.


Even with the internal conflicts within religion, the common denominator in all religions is, prayer, Prayer crosses all boundaries, including color, race, economics, countries, and politics. Prayer remains constant and the need for prayer remains consistent.


Any political or religious leader who dares to unite people based on prayer would be in a position to experience massive followers and loyalty.  Yet few have tapped into this common denominator that crosses borders, religions, beliefs and financial status. From how prayer works to how to pray this little book gets to the point.


Read how the numbers got to 5 billion and understand the dynamics behind an unspoken common denominator which silently binds the world together regardless of languages spoken or religions practiced.  Prayer the Common Denominator of All Religions



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