Prayer, the Common Denominator of All Religions

Prayer, the Common Denominator of All Religions

There is no religion available which doesn’t have rules that some followers complain about.  Followers sometimes don’t realize that the rules in religion help them to reach a state of well-being which will enable them to engage in further advancement of the religion, which ultimately results in more fiancés and power for the religion?

Maybe the above statement is correct, and may not.  Maybe some religion’s rules and policies will help ensure that followers reach an enlighten stage of conscience which will bring about a more loving world!

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Getting it right. Easy and effective way to pray. Include all who surrounds you and any who could harm you. Easy to understand

Regardless of the bases of any of the religions, which only you can decide on, there is one common denominator which we all seem to forget.  Prayer, the power of all powers deals with faith and belief in a higher power.  Regardless of the name given to a higher power, doesn’t matter if its God, Allah, or Supreme Being, prayer is independent.

The conflict over religion at the end of the day ends with one common denominator, and that’s prayer.  Regardless of your spiritual or religious beliefs, prayer is the one thing that links ALL religions together, and is the solid foundation which empowers all religions.

If we as a people, can just get pass the conflicts in religions and concentrate on the common denominator, our lives would surely be enriched and empowered.

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