Prayer vs. Psychics? Secrets of Prayer

Prayer vs. Psychics? Secrets of Prayer

dollar per minute - live psychic readingCan psychics tell the future?  Surely there are people who are gifted and are given visions, dreams and have a spiritual gift “to know people” and the possible outcome of their personal situation.  For sure there are windows of information, which the masses aren’t aware of.  Usually people who have experienced severe hardships while growing up, or in their adult life, often times develop keen insights, and are often times seen as psychic.

The problem then becomes knowing a real clairvoyant from a fake. Until fully developed, clairvoyants usually are battling with their own stability. There are very few people who can actually help a real psychic to develop their spiritual gifts, and seeing events before they actually occur can be frightening.

In the T.V. show “Lie to Me” one phase of the ability to see  the truth is considered to be a science.  Perhaps in the future, the art of reading the future will fall into the category of science.

Some people use the position of the stars to explain the day, week or the month. Others use prayer.  One thing is for sure, it does matter where the stars were when you were born. But even more concrete is the possibility of connecting to the universe (vibration) itself, and getting answers and guidance from a higher source.

Prayer for many people has been corrupted by the politics of religion.  Those who have surpassed the ongoing problems within the church and religion surely have recognized the power of prayer and the calmness it can bring.

How to Pray Effectively is a short, no non–sense book which shows you how to pray effectively using a set sequence within your prayer to help “clear the runway” so to speak, for your prayer(s) to be answered.

The book teaches you how to pray for ALL those around you, including heads of states, and those who cannot pray for themselves and your enemies.  When you use the correct sequence to pray, you clear a pathway to pray a special prayer for yourself.  You address all road blocks which could hinder your prayer. The details are simple and easy to understand.  No bible verses or preaching provided, only simple easy to read instructions on how to get your prayer heard and answered.

In reading this book you will learn that when “you” actually hear your prayer, so will the Universe, God, Allah, Christ, etc.  It should always be remembered that prayer is the common denominator for ALL religions.  This indicates that there is something very special and powerful about prayer.

For those of you who would rather a psychic, there is a banner at the top of this article.  For those who opt for prayer, check out How to Pray Effectively in Amazon’s Kindle Store.  You don’t need an e-Reader, you can download Amazon’s free App and read on your desktop, laptop or notebook.

PS:  A funny thing happens when you sincerely pray for your enemies.  You intuitively receive inside information on what they’re planning!  (The answer to your prayer, takes this into account and protects you from the wrong decision)

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