Professional Proofreading and Editing of 5000 words for $5.00, Or Unlimited Words for $35 a Year

Professional Proofreading and Editing of 5000 words for $5.00, Or Unlimited Words for $35 a Year

When I first started to self-publish on Kindle, I have a admit, my spelling wasn’t the best.  I had great book ideas, but little experience in putting my ideas into words.  Spell check was always a close friend whom I used often.  The fact that Amazon checks a book for spelling errors before its published was a relief for me.

But there were other concerns in the writing that I  hadn’t dealt with for over 20 years.  You can forget an awful lot in twenty years.  Plus writing for the Internet is different than writing a printed book.  It has to be.  The stain on the eyes over a long period of time has to be taken into consideration.  I needed editing and proofreading which adhered to the standards set by English language.  I needed a professional book editor who  was professional, yet affordable.

I found several proof readers, for the most part, they were great.  But they didn’t discuss  issues which can help make a short story flow.  I looked consistently at the different proof-reading software programs available and tried the most popular ones using a free trial-period.  Then I found a program that works well in all areas of writing.  I use this program now, for all my books.  And I provide an affordable book editing service to other authors.

You may wonder how I can do this for $5.00? (5000 words)  The answer is easy.  I don’t make the actual changes to an authors work.  I provide a summary analysis and show where and how the author can correct grammar and spelling errors, as well as make the book flow and easy to read.  The author makes all the changes.

Example of Summary Analysis

analysis-summaryEach phase of the analysis discusses areas where you book could fail to deliver the written words to convey your message clearly.

Whey your book is easy to read and creates an easy flow, the reader enjoys the experience much more and it equates to more book sales.

Correct spelling is not the only proof-reading category that needs to be addressed when proof reading  and editing a book.  Sentence structure, over used words, etc.  You can use the software for free, for a limited number of words, or you can purchase for $35 a year.  I guarantee you that a membership with this software will improve your writing skills 100% within very little time.
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