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Quick Book Review: A Story of Interest for Both Black and White Americans. How a Bi-racial Man Entered the Halls of Power and Enormous Wealth

The cornerstone of wealth has remained the same in America for centuries.  The formula; Revolutionize an industry, has generated billions for a select few of Americans  Over the years, the recipients of such wealth has changed greatly, but not always because of honest hard-work.  “Jonathan’s Revenge”  is a story surrounding how one of America’s wealthiest families ends up sharing power and hundreds of millions with a poor, bi-racial man.

This is one of America’s most well-kept secrets on how the shift in power and finances became integrated.  The very wealthy learn much too late that the hired help, especially the women of the night, is a lot smarter than they thought.  After seven women of the night devise a way to steal hundreds of millions from one of their wealthiest clients, all hell breaks loose when Jonathan, the key to the deception, learns of his role in the life-long plot.  A lesson for some, truth for others, information for many.  This story is based on true events which were never before shared with the American public.  Jonathan’s Revenge in the Kindle Store on Amazon, by Valinda.



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