How to Quickly Build Up a New Twitter Account, Legally, and Get More Sales

How to Quickly Build Up a New Twitter Account, Legally, and Get More Sales

DevumiBuilding up a Twitter account isn’t the easiest task in Internet Marketing and  NO, buying Twitter followers or ANY social media followers or likes is NOT usually a good idea, If you find a company that guarantees they only deal with “real” people. Otherwise, you’re just dealing with egg-shell empty Twitter accounts.

The new U.S. President (2017) likes Twitter.  Why? Because he can reach millions of people within seconds. and because Twitter limits your message, people usually read an entire tweet, not just the first two or three words.

Almost all the social media services say they provide “real” accounts.  The problem is, there are no real people behind these accounts., But wait.  We found one service that we can vouch for.  Are they the cheapest?  No.

Imagine this:  You have over 100,000 clients who pay you $19 to $49 a month to spread the word about your “Tweet” on Twitter.  These are real people helping real people find real people.

If you do the math, then you can easily see how the company can afford to pay the best Social Media Tweet, Re tweetcommunications specialist in the world.  When they say “megastar”  they mean super mega star depending on the package you select.

The Internet is full of testimonies with very little proof.  Our own Twitter account is doing well because of Devumi type services.  When the author Richard C. Carson and Sandy Ingram wrote the Web Traffic Series, they both agreed that beginners should know how to kick-start their new Social Media Accounts.  This in our opinion is a necessary evil which new website owners can do or not do. The fact is people don’t like being the first ones to follow an account.  Most people like to see other’s join first.  This is called social proof.

Web Traffic FACT:  Images, interesting tweets, plus reputable re-tweets will grow your online business.


Book Recommendations for Building Your Twitter Account


The Power of Re tweeting 

Re tweeting is pure power.  It means to re post a message that is posted by another user.  Then someone who sees the re tweet can RT or re tweet the same message giving it an even stronger reach.

Let’s look at this in an example of numbers.

You’re just starting out, you only have 100 followers.

You pay a reputable re tweet service to re tweet your message 100 times to reputable Twitter accounts. You have no idea how many people are in each of these accounts.  Let’s say each account has an average of 5000 followers, many have far more.

Within a very short period of time, your one little message has the potential to reach 500,000 people all of whom are interested in YOUR keywords or topic.

Even with a low response rate of .001 percent, you could be looking at 500 clicks

This is the power of re tweeting.

You want to re tweet and you want to do it ASAP





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