Reading Reduces Your Stress, Why and How

Reading Reduces Your Stress, Why and How


t360-beach-woman-kindleThere was a scientific study (by the University of Sussex) that supports this fact.  Reading helps to reduce stress.  Not only does reading make you smarter and more aware, it provides knowledge, helps your memory, improves your writing skills and increases your vocabulary.

With all of these attributes, to learn that reading also helps to reduce stress levels is amazing.

Based on the study, reading for six minutes can reduce stress by 68 percent.  Something as simple as reading for six minutes a day can be used as a stress management activity which will help to improve your health.

Reading causes a distraction or a diversion from whatever situation or circumstances that may be causing stress in our lives.  If what we are reading demands our full attention, we don’t think about the things which are causing us stress.  As one writer put it, it’s like a mini-vacation of the mind.  The more of these vacations you have, the less stress you will experience.

When deciding what to read, the selection of books which you enjoy will reduce the most stress.  Surely, reading a report that you have little interest in will annoy you more than reduce your stress.  Just as reading information that you don’t understand can frustrate you and increase your stress level.

The important thing is to select books, articles and short stories, which you are interested in, regardless, if it’s a science fiction, self-help book, history book, religious, political, or dirty romance novels.

The second most important task would be to give your-self time to get back into the habit of reading.  If you haven’t been reading on a regular bases, or you have been experiencing depression or high levels of stress it may take a while before you can actually concentrate when you read.  Be patient, this is normal according to psychologists.

Reading, works better and faster than listening to music or going for a walk when it comes to reducing stress according to the research performed by the University of Sussex.  Psychologists say this is because the human mind has to concentrate on reading and the distraction eases the tensions in muscles and the heart.  The research was carried out on a group of volunteers by consultancy Mindlab International at the University of Sussex.

The bottom line is that reading silently for six minutes, will reduce your stress by 68 percent.  It appears that losing yourself in a book or a short story will do more to reduce your stress than having a cup of tea, listening to music or talking a walk.

Diversion in the form of reading is affordable, cost effective, educational, and good for your health. This helps to explain why the Kindle Store on Amazon is so popular around the world. Downloading a book is instant gratification and entertainment.

Now we have research to support what we’ve known all alone.  A good book can put a reader into an altered state of consciousness, which is like a mini-mind-vacation.  Everyone knows that a vacation of any type is designed to reduce stress.

(The research was commissioned by Galaxy Chocolate to launch a campaign to give away one million books over a six month period)

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