Relationship Stress Vs Stressful Relationship?

Relationship Stress Vs Stressful Relationship?

If you have ever been around an individual that made you feel uncomfortable,  then you can only imagine what it must be like to share an intimate relationship  with someone who makes you feel uneasy. I am talking about stressful  relationships that you may not even recognize to be stressful. People often  believe in the thought process behind stress in their relationships, but it is  important to examine if it is the more common stress of a relationship rather  then being in a stressful relationship.

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Many would ask themselves how they could be in a stressful relationship with  someone that they love, but there are so many people who unknowingly are in  relationships that cause them continual stress. From the attributes of control,  aggression or simply the lack of predictability all of these behavioral patterns  help to contribute to the feeling of discomfort or uneasiness in a stressful  relationship. After awhile a person can build up a level of tolerance for bad  behaviors.

Tolerance is okay for some things within a relationship, however when it  comes to a point where tolerance begins to overtake the relationship then it is  time for a reevaluation of the relationship terms. When reevaluating a  relationship, there must be a willingness to make changes within the self first.  A person should not wait around with the hopes that the selfish or controlling  partner will serve as the beacon of change. Understand that making changes will  be difficult for those who are accustom to being controlling and selfish.

Are you experiencing the normal stress of a relationship or are you  in a stressful relationship?

Here are a few things to consider.

  1. (a) Are you always on edge when your partner is around or (b) do you more often feel at ease or relaxed?
  2. (a) Do you feel that more often things are based on what  your partner wants to do or (b) do you do things that you  enjoy?
  3. (a) Do you feel that you are following the lead of your  partner or (b) do you feel that you are in control of your own  life?
  4. (a) Do you feel that you are always questioned about your  decisions or (b) are your decisions often good enough?
  5. (a) Do you feel trapped in a repetitive cycle in your  relationship or (b) is your relationship growing and  advancing.


If you relate more with the (a) statements than you are in a  stressful relationship and the (b) statements mean that you are  dealing with more common stress related to being in a relationship.

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