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Religion vs. Prayer, “You can’t handle the truth!” “Ya, well maybe not, but I’m not handling this lie very well either.”

Could it be evolution and creation are both correct?
Just because we run into problems with the internal and external conflict within different religions. doesn’t mean the idea and reality of something greater than ourselves aren’t real..

Just because we woke up early one morning and realized our world-famous religion has flaws  . . . .

Just because we understand the world’s most popular religions hides world truths from us as a part of its daily dose of information . . . ..


Just because we are faithful to a belief in something greater than ourselves, only to realize the leaders we’ve followed are lost themselves…..

Just because……..   All this is heavy in our hearts, doesn’t mean the entity called God, Allah, Supreme Being, Universal Being, or The Source isn’t real.

The fact you saw the truth in the dawn when the sun was still on the other side of the world, and those around us were asleep, both mentally and physically, only means there is something beyond us that is greater than ourselves.

The fact that some of us follow Christ because he covered the darkness of the world better than any other leader.   The fact Mohammad may have seen the same truths and decided to cover the actions of our ancestors in a different way doesn’t mean either group is wrong or right.

The fact groups without the entity called God or Allah, often take advantage of the unintelligent followers of the major religions is no reason to give up on your faith.

The words written here only say one thing:   Don’t join in the battle between the religions..  Until someone starts telling the truth and the whole truth, we should be cautious of all.

“You can’t handle the truth!”  Ya, well maybe not, but I’m not handling this lie very well either.  War is little more than assimilation.  We keep fighting each other until we understand each other better.

Learning how to pray, without the benefit of yielding to the internal or external conflicts of the religions of today may be our best action.  Prayer is real, even if the religions have conflicts.  Learn more about How to Pray Effectively. (In Kindle Store of Amazon)  You can read on your desktop, laptop, mobile device or e-Reader.

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