Sexism at It’s Worst, Entertainment for Some, A Warning to Others

Sexism at It’s Worst, Entertainment for Some, A Warning to Others

This book has caused me problems from the very beginning.  First of all women of women feel the story was written to hurt them.  NOT true.  The book was written to warn women of certain pitfalls they don’t seem to be aware of. I say this because women keep doing the things which brought one man to murder, in this murder fiction.

Men are good at hiding their true feelings, and for some reason, women believe men are 100 percent okay with personal encounters involving two women.  This couldn’t be further from the truth,

This story revolves around a story told to me by a client.  Of course, the names, places, dates and particulars have been changed to protect the guilty.  Was there an actual murder?  I’m not sure, however, I am sure the circumstances could lead to murder.

If there were an actual murder, did Mike’s mother’s secret contribute to the end result?  Probably.  |s the story true?  Let’s just say it’s fiction, that way it keeps the police from asking questions.

Like I said, entertainment for some, a warning to others.  Everything is not as it seems.  People’s inner thoughts ultimately will control their outer actions.  Murder by Choice is such a story.

Murder Mystery By Proxy. The main suspect is nowhere near the murder, yet he remains a person of interest. In this highly detailed description of emotions, love, and betrayal, it’s not who-done-it, as much as it is, why?


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