Slavery in America Fiction, Non Fiction

Slavery in America Fiction, Non Fiction


slavery in america fiction
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Slaves in America, fiction you can count on.  The Motumbo Book Series shares the lives of three slaves who are from the same African family off the western shores of Africa. Motumbo, the first to gain access to the slave ship was different then any other slave the slave traders met.  He was different in that he placed himself onto the slave ship because he saw the man without color taking members from his village.  Motumbo wanted to know more.  The entire series is suitable for young adults starting at age sixteen.

Around 1619 the first African slaves arrived in Virginia.

It wasn’t until 1787, 21 years later, that slavery became illegal in the North Western region of the United States. It’s not until 1808 before Congress bans the slave trade.

In 1865 the Civil War ends, Lincoln is assassinated and the 13th Amendment abolishes slavery in the United States.

For sure slavery was no fun, however, the Motumbo Book Series shares memorable moments during slavery and brings the reader closer to a balanced account of the life of slaves in America.

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