What is a Superbug? How do we protect our children?

What is a Superbug? How do we protect our children?

What is a superbug?

No, it’s not a giant bug from outer space that will consume humans on earth, a superbug is a strain of bacteria that has become resistant to antibiotic drugs. This page introduces authors who know a lot more than most on the subject. How to protect yourself, what you can do before the issue becomes more serious and what NOT to do. There are more and more cases reported each month. Some of these cased make the news, most don’t, however, this health concern is global and deadly. WebMD talks about preventable measures against the super bug  For the sake of the children, parents must become more aware and more protective against the possibilities.

The one thing parents can do is encourage children to wash their hands often.  This one suggestion can NOT be stressed enough. 

These book recommendations below appear a little on the pricey and with good reason. Most of the authors are health care researchers and medical professionals who have taken time out of their busy schedule to help inform the general public. Another book recommendation page on medical advancements shares insight into stem-cell research.

SuperBug Book Recommendations

What We Can Do – Superbug  Video

LONDON, Dec 30 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Bill Gates warned that the world was vulnerable to a deadly epidemic of an illness like flu, Gates stresses that healthcare in developing countries was not strong enough to handle the possible epidemic.  He stresses that research is needed for a big flu-like epidemic which could happen in the next ten years.



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