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Teaching Children How to Concentrate and Stay Focused


Children who learn how to concentrate or stay focused on one thing at a time, usually whiz through school without much problem.  Other children who may spend more time studying appear to have a harder time maintaining good grades.  In many cases the difference is in how each child applies the art of concentrating.

Parents across the country can be heard saying “Just concentrate, you can do it..”  While this statement helps to encourage the child, are we sure the child understands the word ‘concentrate’?  Does the child know how to apply the concept of staying focused?

Has anyone sat down and explained or trained the child how or what concentration is?

Once you explain the concept and actually introduce games to help ensure the child understands concentration, then you can relax knowing that your child can and will apply the art of staying focused, especially when he/she’s stuck on a subject.

This page is about sharing options for parents to help children learn how to concentrate.  You may be thinking yeah right my three-year isn’t going to concentrate on anything. for over 20 seconds.  This may be slightly true.  When reading a story to a child in this age group, the story must progress fast enough to keep the child interested, yet they may stay interested for all of 5 minutes until you finish the story.

For example the book Where’d That Rabbit Go? has the child going from page to page to find and count the rabbits.  Each page is a new adventure.  This book is recommended for ages four to six. (See video at bottom of this page)

Below are additional book recommendations to help children learn the art of concentration.  As a retired preschool, after-school teacher, I can’t express enough how important it is for children to learn the art of staying focused.


Book and Game Recommendations – Learning How to Stay Focused






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