Ten Things Highly Intelligent People Know and Do

Ten Things Highly Intelligent People Know and Do

  •   Highly intelligent people understand education is the key to a more fulfilling life with a higher income.


  • . They indulge in self-control,


  •  They find and implement their passion


  •  Highly intelligent people understand cause and effect and always take this universal law into account when making a decision


  •   They take responsibility for any situation they find themselves in, regardless of who did what.  By taking responsibility for as much of the outcome as possible, the more power you can gain over your future.  Continue below


  • They understand all high-income careers don’t require a college degree.


  • Intelligent people don’t blame any one race or group of people for a particular situation.   They understand cause and effect and may take actions to examine and understand a particular situation better.


  • Intelligent people set realistic goals and follow through changing the goals when results provide documented reasons.


  •  Remember, I said “intelligent” people.


  •  Most highly intelligent people accept persons at face value until a person’s actions or words says differently.


  •   They are grateful for what they have, thus opening the door for more prosperity



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