Ten Tips on How to Make Her Fall In Love With You

Ten Tips on How to Make Her Fall In Love With You

1.  Say thank you when she does something for you.

2.  Smile when she looks at you.  Give her that boyish grin.

3.  Open doors for her on occasion

4.  Give her one flower every now and then, just because

5.  Ask her how was her day, and actually listen to her for about 3 minutes before flipping the channels on the T.V.

6.  Tell her that you’ll be watching the game on Sunday afternoon, and ask her if there’s anything she needs before Sunday?

7.  Order in every now and then so that she doesn’t have to cook

8.  Purchase a popular scented after-shave lotion, using sparingly.  Create a signature scent.

9.  Give her time to miss you, and when you do show up, massage her feet.

10. Every now and then, get a headache and say, you just don’t feel like it tonight.  Don’t ever let her think she can control the situation just by offering romance.

Extra Bonus Tip:  Share little details about your childhood or your day at work. These are just little small things that make a big difference in a woman’s life.

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