The Art of Learning for Children, The Secret to Improving Your Child’s Grades

The Art of Learning for Children, The Secret to Improving Your Child’s Grades

One child focuses on what the teacher is saying, using ears, mind and eyes.  Other children only listen to every other word.    Why?  Both children want to do well in school, what’s the difference?

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There are many different reasons children don’t pay attention in class.  The majority of children have never been taught how to focus or Subscribe Free Childrens Bookconcentrate. Think about it, when was the last time you sat down with your child and actually talked about and or played games which enhances their ability to focus?

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Concentration is a learned task which some children do much better than others..  Children who focus on a subject learn more quickly and more easily.  These same students do well on tests, quizzes, essays, term papers, entrance exams and in general, life.

It starts in preschool.

It never ends.  Concentration is the key components in so many success stories.  Teaching a child how to focus and concentrate is like giving him or her an opportunity for a brighter future, regardless of which career path they choose.

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There is so much to learn in preschool, from ABC’s to numbers, songs, how to color within the lines, manners, sharing, being polite, eating correctly, getting dressed, rules of the games, sounds the alphabet make, getting ready to read and oh yes, the fact that math includes a lot more than counting to ten.   For a young child this is a massive amount of information.

Some children find it overwhelming and just tune out or act out.  Other children try desperately to keep up and are sad when they don’t meet their own expectations.

Parents can help.  First align your home study with what they’re studying in school.  If you don’t know  ask the teacher for an outline.  Second, keep all of the child’s home activities in the category of fun, games and reinforcement of what he/she is learning in school

Stay in tune with your child’s lessons.  Be sure the child understands the basics of each lesson in the teacher’s outline during the time the lesson is presented.  Regardless of what type of school your child attends, public school or private school, parents who accomplish this task for 12 years, usually end up with well informed and well educated children.

it doesn’t always matter if you don’t have the money to pay for a private school.  Staying on top of your child’s weekly lessons is the key to staying on top of their educational future.  Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Subscription Plan at $9.99 a month  Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial can help you through this crisis for less than $10 a month.  Purchase books, games and extra curriculum for your child based on the scheduled lessons.

Article written by C Ingram ECE, author of many educational books for young children.

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