The CIA’s Not Finished Investigating 9/11 in This Fiction-Thriller

The CIA’s Not Finished Investigating 9/11 in This Fiction-Thriller

Nine-eleven was real, painful and unforgettable.  One author, Sandy Ingram, has taken the facts to fiction in the Osei International Book Series.  There are rumors, there are 9/11 conspiracy theories and ideas which she has incorporated into Book II of the fast-moving  CIA fiction-thriller.


Ingram says she’s excited about the new addition to Book II because it’s more believable than not.  Definitely interesting and all about how the CIA gets to the bottom of ALL issues.


Not to worry, Book I is always free and will get you started on the path to an intelligent cyber-hacking thriller involving a department within the Central Intelligence Agency., which doesn’t exist.


We may never know for sure if the rumors or conspiracy ideas are true.


Sandy Ingram has placed on the pages of the Osei International Book Series, the possibility of certain actions performed by one of the un-named 9/11 terrorists.  These actions are labeled as fiction because she or few others have the ability to prove or disprove the possibilities, What is true is one of the rumors make for good fiction, because of the supporting documentation of the details.
Sandy Ingram invites you to download Book I of the Osei International Book Series for free.  Book II at this time is $1.29 – By this time you’ll be ready for the thriller events which follow, all the way to Operation Paperclip, the NASA and what may really have happened in Germany during WWII.
An easy, fast-moving thriller with a spark of romantic events to keep romance readers involved, but not enough to turn off high-tech thriller readers who already understand the dangers of a digital world.
Download FREE Book I and be sure to get Book II, this is a side of 9/11 you’ve never encountered before.
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