The IC, Suspense Thriller Suitable for Young Adults

The IC, Suspense Thriller Suitable for Young Adults

Parthenia Jenkins is an Independent Contractor for the CIA an agency within the U.S. Government.  She has never been to Langley, the CIA’s headquarters,  and doesn’t follow the same rules Central Intelligence Agency employees follow.

Parthenia is different.  Highly intelligent with a knack for doing a good job, when most others fail. ,

Her new assignment is highly classified,  New startup companies in the high-tech industry are investing on the black market.

In a maze of International paperwork, attornies have involved American corporations in questionable oil investments in the Middle East.

Pathenia’s job is to stop the illegal transactions.  Love would happen, but her cover is blown and stealing classified information becomes another major issue.

The story is based on a real and major computer virus that greatly upset the programming and security of the Internet at the time.

Suitable for young adults, interesting enough for inquiring grownups.  You can download The IC free during the week of June 5th to June 9th and read on any mobile device.


Every country has them, no country admits to using them. Your country is no exception.
High-Tech, Financial Thriller for young adults and inquiring adults, CIA Off-Book International Crime

“The Agency” made their agreement with Pathenia. Jenkins crystal clear. There were more than a dozen large American corporations, funneling money into offshore accounts, which was later invested in the black-oil market. Even though the money was reported to the IRS, the transactions, in most cases, were against sanctions which the U.S. Government, themselves, put into place.

“The Agency” wanted it stopped. This short, CIA financial thriller for young adults, shares insights into the financial techniques of the very rich. From how corporate investments are tripled to how the wealthy cover up the transactions. A hint of romance enters the picture but quickly dissipates. A good read for mystery and suspense book lovers, but an excellent read for America’s CEOs.

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