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The Ultimate Disclosure; Betrayal At Its Worst

Cover-The-Ultimate Disclosure_This psychological fictional story is free to download in the Kindle store until Friday, the 21st of February, 2014.  A combination of ancient history, religious belief, and a need to protect America from those who have no intention of abiding by the rules, makes this story necessary.

From thoughts of suicide to humiliation and betrayal, Hagar, a beautiful Muslim woman, makes every effort to recover after losing her family, and her American husband. A marriage made in hell for the purpose of money, power and control extends past the depths of hell, after she learns of her husband’s betrayal. Being forced into the American way of life by her own father, who refuses to report his vast wealth to the Internal Revenue Service, leads to a manipulated marriage for Hagar. Even after her own family wishes her dead, Hagar assimilates into the American culture and uses the American way of life to save her sanity and her own life


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