This Weekend’s Quick Lunch Hour Read, Free, Top Seller Romance, Breaking Up with Barrett

This Weekend’s Quick Lunch Hour Read, Free, Top Seller Romance, Breaking Up with Barrett

Breaking Up with Barrett (The English Brothers Book 1) by Katy Regnery

Reviewed By Cheshire Cat

Over 370 Reviews; 4.5 Stars; 174 pages; Romance; Top Seller

Breaking Up with Barrett is the first in series of books revolving around the five English brothers. Each can be read as a standalone. But from even the little glimpses I got about each of the other brothers in this one, I look forward to reading about all of them. I particularly look forward to this entire series because I love Katy Regnery’s writing style. I love the characters she creates and the depths in which she explores them. And I love the sweet romances she writes and the connection I feel with each love story.

As for Barrett and Emily’s story – it was absolutely wonderful. They were a bit unconventional and started a bit awkwardly, and I loved that about them. When someone is constantly referred to as “the Shark,” you wonder how such a tough businessman is going relate or lighten up around a girl who is so sweet and genuine. But that is the beauty of this story. That two people, who on paper would never match up, somehow understand each other better than even they expected. It may have taken them some time and work to get there, but ultimately they brought out the best in each other, whether in public or private, and were at their best when they were being their true selves, and I loved that about them.

In addition to the appeal of their differences, I loved that they had such a rich history with each other. From the blurb, we know that Emily’s parents work for Barrett’s parents on their estate. But there is so much more to their past that I cannot give away, but let me just say it is so sweet! There’s this scene on the balcony when Barrett is telling Emily some things, and… well, I can’t say what, but seriously, I loved that scene! I completely fell in love with Barrett and Emily’s story big time. I liked them individually; I loved them together

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