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This Week’s Bedtime Story for Grown-Ups; Free, Jonathan’s Revenge, Romance

0000Jonathan’s Revenge: The Birth of a Bi-racial Child Changes the Halls of Power and Finance

Free This Week

Tonight’s Bedtime Story crosses all the color lines and backgrounds of persons living in America.  From the street walkers to one of the wealthiest families in America.  This short read promises excitement.  32 pages; 4.5 Star rating; #2 This week in romance; short read category.  Jonathan’s Revenge

Reviewed by Alicia Reyes

This is a short story that seems like it may be the beginning of a longer story arc. The protagonist, Jonathan, has lived his life in the shadows of the “evil seven” who are prostitutes that have big plans for Jonathan. However, in order to protect their investment, have kept Jonathan from doing what he wanted in life.

Now, with the encouragement of his girlfriend, Jonathan works to outwit the seven. Can he regain control from the women who run his life? What is the mystery surrounding his conception? Why do the seven need him so?

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